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​CIO onDemand  helps companies like yours achieve greater success using technology to drive  business goals.


Our clients count on us as their trusted advisor - to drive critical projects, find and implement a new ERP system, move to the Cloud, fix and improve processes, and more!

We are technology-agnostic. We don't sell hardware or software, so you can count on us to help find the best technology for your business, regardless of brand or vendor.

You get the expertise - when and what you need!

Remote Teams?

Trying to figure out how to make working remote work?  For years, we've been helping companies find the best solution for a team or whole company to work remotely - Move to the Cloud.  And in most cases the technology becomes simpler and less expensive to support!


Looking for a new or upgraded system?  Our proprietary selection process is proven to find the right system.  We can then help ensure implementation goes right, with PMP-certified business-savvy project management on your team.  We know it's not the right system unless it works for your business!

IT Healthcheck

Is everything in IT working as it should?  When IT always seems to be fighting fires instead of tackling strategic initiatives, when the same problems happen again, when a project is missing deadlines or seems to be struggling – you need someone to find the root cause and fix it.

Fractional CIO

You have people taking care of the day-to-day technology issues.  Who is looking at the big technology picture? Who is making sure you’re doing the right things long-term?  We provide high level expertise and critical insight for improved growth and profit – as much or as little as you need!

Process Tune-Up


How long has it been since you installed or upgraded your ERP or CRM?  If it has been 18 months or longer, you are probably wondering why you aren't getting all the benefits you expected.  Studies show most companies get less than 50% of the benefits originally anticipated.

Project Management

A new major initiative is planned, except your best people already have full-time jobs.  You need someone you can trust to make sure you get the results you need and finish on-time and on-budget.  Ensure the project achieves your goals, not just your vendor's.

Projects / Industries / Clients

Come take a look at some of the projects we have done.  We've worked across many industries and types of companies.  Our experience means we "get it" and have done it before, so you avoid false starts and dead-ends common in first-time technology initiatives.


"We first brought in CIO onDemand to help us with a CRM initiative and to provide coaching in project management techniques.  Since then, we have engaged CIO onDemand to help us with several additional projects, including selecting and implementing and ERP system, mapping and improving business processes, and selecting an HR system."

"What we appreciate most about working with Jeff is his hands-on approach and ability to provide value across multiple areas of the business by delivering practical solutions we need to support our business strategy and goals"

- Dan McFall  Chief Operating Officer  Stimson Lumber Company

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