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Fractional CIO

aka Interim CIO / Virtual CIO (vCIO)

You have people taking care of the day-to-day technology issues.
Who is looking at the big picture in IT?   

Who is making sure you’re doing the right things long-term?

We provide the high level of expertise and insight critical for improved growth and profit

      – as much or as little as you need!
Your business has many of the same technology issues as the Fortune 500, and you need to have the same level of technology leadership, business acumen and real-world experience available to you on a part-time or temporary basis, without the cost or commitment of a full-time hire of a CIO.

Fractional use of CIO time
Fractional CIO


A technology advisor available just when you need the expertise. 


Your CIO partner for a few days per week or month, or on-call/as-needed to ensure IT is aligned with the business, stays focused on the right priorities, using technology to accelerate growth

Interim CIO



An experienced CIO to fill the gap until your new IT leader is found, and to help you hire the right person

Special Assignments



CIO expertise for special projects or needs that go beyond your in-house staff capabilities.


Examples include IT team restructuring, due diligence for acquisitions, review of high cost projects, etc.

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