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IT Healthcheck

Is everything in IT working as it should?  If IT always seems to be fighting fires instead of tackling strategic initiatives, if the same problems happen again and again, if a project is missing deadlines or seems to be struggling – you need to know the root cause and how to fix it.

Key Issues for IT Healthcheck
IT Healthcheck



A comprehensive review of your technology systems, team and processes. 


Benchmarking against best practices, we assess current software and hardware, internal IT dynamics, IT support, development methodology, strategic and tactical technology plans.

IT Team



A thorough review of the processes, practices and policies of the IT team. 


Benchmarking against best practices, we assess internal team dynamics, development methodology, procurement practices, support model, team skills and training, and alignment with business strategy.




Are you getting everything you expect from your project?  We can assess the health of the project to reduce the risk of failure. 


We offer both a one-time review and a set of reviews at major milestones

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