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A new ERP system is one of the biggest commitments a company will make, and not just in dollars.  Do it right and drive more revenue and efficiency.  A failure can result in huge costs, unhappy customers, and frustrated employees.

CIO onDemand has the experience and expertise to help you find and implement the best ERP solution for your company.


Case Study - ERP

From Stalled to Go-Live

ERP sketchbook



The CIO onDemand ERP system selection methodology is based on 20 years of experience selecting and implementing systems for small and mid-sized companies. 


You choose the best-fit system in a timely and cost-effective manner. 


You also get tools and deliverables needed later during implementation and throughout the life of the system.




Over 20 years experience successfully implementing ERP systems for companies like yours:

  • On schedule

  • Within budget

  • Get expected results

You need a project manager who is your advocate who has already done this and doesn't already have a full-time job in your company




Are you getting everything you expect from your project?  We can assess the health of the project to reduce the risk of failure. 


We offer both a one-time review and a set of reviews at major milestones

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