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Case Studies

Customer Support Crisis: Adding CRM to ERP



Rapid company growth meant more customers contacting the Customer Service department for help.  Adding more customer support reps helped for a while, until the number of people using manual processes, spreadsheets and emails led to the inevitable problems of inconsistent actions and solutions, customers falling through the cracks, and a drop in customer satisfaction...

Process Tune-Up:
Order Process



A company knew they needed to look into a new system to run their business more effectively.  Wisely, they recognized that many of their business processes had evolved to either follow or work around the limitations of their current highly-customized system.  Rather than start a search for a system that would try to match the processes dictated by the current system (and build in obsolete practices), they decided to update their business processes and then look for a system that would match how they wanted to do business...

ERP: From Stalled Project to Smooth Go-Live



A company was struggling with their ERP implementation.  They had restarted the project four times, and every time the project slowed and eventually stopped.  The software vendor had assured them they could go live in 6 to 9 months but so far they had not made any progress managing the implementation project internally...

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