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Implementing your new ERP system is key to achieving the benefits you paid for.  Poorly implementing even the best ERP software will result in a bad and costly system.  Studies show more than 50% of ERP projects fail.  An experienced ERP project manager can make the difference between success and failure.

CIO onDemand has the experience, expertise, and resources to help you successfully implement the best ERP solution for your company.


How-To: 7 Keys

to Successful Change

ERP sketchbook
We will help you:

  • Stay on schedule

  • Keep within budget

  • Get expected results

  • Minimize risks

  • Train your team

  • Gain user acceptance

  • Augment your team

  • Provide special skills

Your project manager:

  • is PMP certified

  • has experience in all aspects of implementing ERP from start to finish

  • has hands-on business experience

  • has already encountered and solved the problems that will you will face

  • doesn’t already have a full time job in your company

We have helped:



  • prepare for implementation

  • implement ERP on time and under budget

  • restart a stalled project (case study here)

  • add new modules and functionality

  • create a training plan and custom documentation

From one of our clients:

​"CIO onDemand has been nothing but a positive experience. Over time they have proven to be a great partner that offered expertise in project management, ERP implementation and HR system selection.  They provided a wealth of knowledge in many areas focusing on the business decisions, people change aspects and real challenges to overcome when implementing a new system or making major system decisions."

Tim Atkinson

Stimson Lumber Company, Inc.

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